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Lyrics Studio Albums/Romanisasi

[#1] Sunny Blues Part.A
Release Date: 2014.08.21
01. 선수입장 (Player)
02. Monday Blues
03. Get the x out
04. 연애세포 (Love Cell)
05. Paradise (Feat. JeA of Brown Eyed Girls)
06. 그 해 여름 (Once In Summer)
07. Monday Blues (Inst.)
08. 그 해 여름 (Inst.)

Lyrics EP’s

[#2] Sunny Blues Part.B
Release Date: 2015.01.29
01. 겨울의 끝 (The End of The Winter) (Intro)
02. Better Woman
03. 교복을 벗고 (Child In Time)
04. King & Queen
05. 현재 연애 중 (I’m In Love)
06. 그대 찬양 (Praise For You)
07. Tears on My Lips (Jubee Solo)
08. 지우다 (Here I Am) (Sensibility Ver.)
09. 교복을 벗고 (Child In Time) (Inst.)

Lyrics Singles/Terjemahan Indonesia

Release Date: 2011.06.03
01. Girl with a Accordion (Intro)
02. 꼭두각시 (Puppetry)
03. chords Sunny Hill (써니힐) Lyrics Index lyrics Midnight Circus
04. Let’s Talk About (Feat. lirik terjemahan arti indonesia Sunny Hill (써니힐) Lyrics Index download mp3 Zia)
05. 기도 (Pray) cord kord chord Sunny Hill (써니힐) Lyrics Index kunci gitar (Preview)
06. Midnight Circus (Inst.)